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12-16-2008, 02:07 PM
You've Heard Of "Viral" Traffic. The Word "Viral"
Doesn't Do This Script Justice.

I'll keep this short and sweet.

How does 355,000 visitors to your site in less than a month sound with $0 on ad spend and less than 2 hours of work?

How about $2500+ profit within 3 days of launching a website, with no affiliates and no product?

How would you like to turn your website visitors into link dropping machines who promote your website every chance they get without paying them a dime?

Sound too good to be true? It's true.

You can see a video overview and read the entire sales page at www.TheViralScript.com.

The script allows you to reward your visitors for sending

traffic to your site. Here are just a few ideas...

"Send 10 visitors to my sales page get a free report".

"Send 25 people to my squeeze page get access to my video".

The script can be used for product promotion, list building, affiliate marketing, traffic contests, you name it, the power of "The Viral Script" is only limited by your imagination.

The script has been coded with the non techie in mind. It has an easy to use admin panel that makes the site simple to configure.

If you have problems installing I'm more than happy to help.

There's a website that I talk about in the sales video. It's owned by me and brought in a partner who Is helping me with the sale of this script.

It's tested and it works, period. I'm running a small network of similar sites right now, and the flood of traffic I'm receiving is insane. I'm using it to build lists, promote affiliate offers, and I'm hitting all kinds of niches hard.

I didn't want to sell this, period. My partner and I are in this 50/50, and he wants to purchase a new car, with cash, before the New Year. I told him we should keep this to ourselves, but he wants to sell. After a long time arguing, I've decided that there are too many niches out there to cover ourselves, so here's your opportunity to literally steal our secret traffic system.

The price for The Viral Script is $99. Considering the fact that you can set up unlimited websites that each earn in excess of $500 a day, that's a steal.

If you're ready to put your traffic on autopilot, if you've been waiting for that "magic ticket" to finally make some REAL money online, if you want to jump in and take advantage of this amazing traffic system before anyone else, here's your chance.

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What's In It For YOU?

Generate insane amounts of traffic to your website.

Thousands of visitors, even hundreds of thousands of visitors per day is entirely possible.

Thousands of backlinks built for you on complete auto pilot.
Create viral websites in any niche that you choose, only limited by your imagination.

If you've been looking for a surefire way to drive loads of traffic to your websites, you've found the answer.

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Personal use only. You may NOT resell the script. You may NOT build websites with the sole intention of selling.

Any questions? Ask away!