View Full Version : Uploader, Flash player database thingy

12-07-2008, 10:52 AM
hi everyone, i am looking for some help. i am new here but have been building websites for 4 years now, and i'm really good in HTML and I'm teaching myself php now, and i sorta no a little bit about databases.

I wanted to no if anyone here (if this is even the right forum) no's how or were i could get a script that kinda works like youtube. i am looking for like a uploader script that once a video is uploaded to my server, (weather it's an AVI, WMV etc...) it can then get converted into a flash file then i guess stored into a database because i am going to work on building a user system were people can make an account for free and upload videos, just like youtube. I'm sure this has been discussed all over the internet lol.

any help would be awsome!

thanks in advance!