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12-03-2008, 11:25 AM
Anyone look at these?

Pretty nifty.


Downside, the checkout process largely takes place on Amazon.com (there is an API, currently with contributions for OSC and Zencart). Also they make you handle post-order management through them with their interface (which isn't my favorite in the world). I imagine it is US only as well.

On the up side. You can do upsells of Amazon.com products during checkout and get 8.5% referrals on them. Amazon has got to have pretty sophisticated fraud detection stuff. And the pricing is very competitive.

2.9% + .3 for all transactions, no setup or monthly fees.

At $3k it gets reduced to 2.5%, which is decent, at 10k it gets reduced to 2.2%, which is good, and at 100k it gets reduced to 1.9%, which is spectacular. Also, that is per account, not per website, so if you have multiple ecommerce operations you could add them together to reach those tiers.

Those happen to be the exact same tiers that Paypal offers for their "pro" pricing - except paypal also sticks you with a $30 monthly fee.