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02-19-2004, 08:37 PM

I would like everyone's opinion on how they would best use a site that is very "sticky" (high page views per user) from a advertisement revenue generating perspective.

I remember how having users who stuck around your site translated into a valuable audience for potential advertisers.

Now adays, I've been reading how unique users is king, and you really want the users to come to your site and leave quickly, instead of hanging around eating up resources.

My site has a very high stickiness factor. I have yet to find a site that has a higher Alexa "page views per user" number. I remember when blackplanet.com was rated the stickiest site on the net by Nielsen a few years ago. Today, my site has more than twice their page views per user.

I tried running banners on the site for a couple of months and the response was absolutely horrible. They were very targeted (not run of network) hand picked ads yet the users simply werent clicking, much less buying. My audience is mostly teenagers.

Would like to hear people's opinions who perhaps have been in a similar situation as I am now. Any insights into how I can best market to a loyal audience are welcome.

Looking forward to responses!

02-20-2004, 03:57 AM
Uniques are king... btw, what's your url?
Ferrari GG50 (http://www.ferrari-wiki.com/wiki/Ferrari_GG50)

02-20-2004, 07:05 AM
Yeah, when it comes to traditional advertising on the site thats what I'm finding out. Sorry, cant give url out.

But I challenge anyone to find a site with an Alexa "page views per user" 3 month average higher than 35. :)

02-20-2004, 08:47 AM
Does your site's stats concur with your Alexa stats?