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09-03-2008, 12:02 PM
Have you already started your lyrics site? Maybe you just wonder: "Why does the site "www.azlyrics.com" brings "5 digits" profit monthly? Why does my website brings me back only hosting fees?"

Well, you need answer a few other questions first:

1. Do you have the exclusive layout on your web-site or have the view of majority other "turnkey $25" lyrics scripts?
2. Do you have a daily updated and fresh content?
3. Do you have a powerful and feature-rich lyrics engine?

Most likely, your answers will be "No. No. No." :(

Ok, let's continue the digging into your problems with your previous lyrics site. There is one more question (it will be the last question ;)).

4. Did you planned to get the website with "5 digits" profit after investing $25 in it?

Yes, it looks like funny, but the majority of starting webmasters believe, that the simplest lyrics script which is available everywhere for the $25 can be used as a base for the successful lyrics site.

It's time to be realistic. It will be very hard to get success like "www.azlyrics.com" (it was easy 9 years ago but it is not easy nowadays). There are no grounds for the magic formula "Invest $25 and earn guaranteed $25,000 in a year" in real life. But if you are ready for hard working we can solve a lot of problems with your future high profit lyrics community. So we can provide for you:

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