View Full Version : Special offer for time being: $1.99 banner ad spots in facebook application

08-23-2008, 11:04 AM
Demo link: -

Why we think that we will get more players and how we get more play hits?
We believing 100% that our game defiantly reaches to thousand and thousand player it because normally no other application that offing money to user for winning the game but we do so this is our motivation to our facebook game application players. this mean our application will be noticeable by most user in facebook. This is why we believing on our application that there will be more player than you expecting. Also the game is most fun and entertainment parts it self.

Remember, the price of the ads space won’t be the same always. At the moment it cost this much it because of the latest release but once it getting more popular it then again cost more. Those customer who purchasing the space today, we will given out 25% off in there next purchase.

ads location 4.) 468*60: - this ad can be seen by any users and all the time if they start playing the game. The space can purchase by many as can. There fore it cost bit cheap.
Price is: -
3 day trial $1.99
1 week $4.99

Ad location