View Full Version : How to share files/folders so others can modify your files in Windows Vista

08-09-2008, 09:58 AM
Yet another thing Vista sucks at.

So you click on the folder you want to share, you right click that is, you select share, you then hit "Advanced Sharing" and allow "Everyone" to have full control.

You'd think that'd be enough? No.

Go back to the first window (properties of the folder) click on the security tab.

Click Edit
Click Add
Type in "Everyone" (no, MS did not put in a default "everyone" usegroup).
Click OK

now highlight "everyone" in the list, and select full control.

So yes, you have to set the "everyone" usegroup to full control in two locations, in one of the locations you even have to create the usergroup first.

Thank you for making this complicated MS.