View Full Version : Selling weekly ad space on popular game site!

08-08-2008, 11:41 AM
Hi there we own a fairly popular gaming site and are selling weekly ad space on it. We just moved servers from a subdomain to a new domain so the PR is 0 but we have a community of a couple thousand members. We will be taking offers however it is not expensive. Between 5$-$20 a week depending on how much advertisement you want. We offer a 728x90 learderboard banner spot and/or a 120X600 tower banner ad. You will recieve both male/ female teen and adult traffic from US, Canada, Australia and UK. You must have a pre-made banner and if you want a tracker id. We accept only paypal payment and the only ad we don't accept is porn.

our site: http://www.ssbros.net/

pm us to discuss a cheap price and banner placement.