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07-25-2008, 11:50 AM
Hi everyone,
I just joined this board in hopes of learning lots about dynamic websites. I am very VERY new at this and have only done static html sites in the past, but am ready to branch out and learn php and mysql. I have watched numerous video tutorials on php,mysql, dreamweaver cs3, and how they all work together.

I have followed all the steps on the tutorials and the website works great on my local testing server, but how in the world do I get it on my remote server?! This is probably a very stupid question but I am at the point of not caring about looking stupid. I just want to know what Im missing/ doing wrong. The website is hosted with GoDaddy, am I supposed to have something set up there or a different server? I have tried using ftp to transfer all files over to the domain but when I visit the domain, the php pages do not work.

Please excuse my ignorance!:confused:

07-26-2008, 05:38 AM
Godaddy may have weird hosting that doesn't support PHP. Or your PHP files may be setup weird.

Try this as a PHP file


echo "Hello world";


name it helloworld.php, upload it, and see if it works.

IF not... you definitely have a hosting issue.

Normally that is all you need to do, FTP them up.

08-11-2008, 08:17 PM
create a test.php file with the following code
<? phpinfo(); ?>
and upload it to the server, if you see the blank page or the server allows you to download it you can contact godaddy server about the hosting issue. hope it helps!