View Full Version : beauticianworld.com first project of samflighter

07-16-2008, 07:35 AM
Guys please checkout the website beauticianworld.com and also let others know about it. Tell me is it worthy or one more junk site on the internet. Scold me (not to the limit i break my heart) encourage me let me know whats good on it and whats wrong in it

07-18-2008, 07:26 PM
Well, the constantly changing layout from page to page - the landing page not even coming close to matching the sub pages - makes it feel 'pieced together'. Pretty much I'd axe that landing page (which has a dead 'home' link BTW).

That the layout is flush left looks a bit 'off'. Several subsections seem to look 'broken' on large font/120 dpi machines as it seems some things that should be in PX are in %/em or PT, while things that SHOULD be in %/em or PT (like the actual text content) is set up in px (though at least it appears to be 'big enough' in the first place)

The code is an out and out train wreck. No doctype so you're having to hack even harder for IE, Nothing anywhere even resembling semantic markup, hordes of inlined presentation and inlined CSS, much of it absolute positioning of elements that should be in flow.

The 'gain weight' page for example is 17k of HTML for 3.5k of content - easily more than double what should be needed for such a simple layout. There's no degredation provided for images off meaning people trying to conserve bandwidth, as well as things like search engines... well, they effectively have nothing to look at.

Just the silly little stuff like:
<DIV><FONT color=#000000>&nbsp;</FONT></DIV>

Is just so made of /FAIL/. As I often tell people, I'd throw it all away and start over with clean minimalist semantic markup as there's nothing in the code I even consider salvageable.