View Full Version : Free email providers versus domain email

06-20-2008, 09:55 PM
One of my email got overwhelmed by spam. I am throwing that email address away and created an new "disposable" email address from one of these free email providers (let's just say Yahoo).

Now I have to change all my forum accounts (including this forum) to this new email address. After updating my email address in my account, the system sends me an activation email to confirm my email address. The only problem is that I never got the activation email (even after looking at it in my spam folder).

So to remedy the problem, I changed my email address in my account again. This time I changed it to a domain email instead of an yahoo address. And it worked perfectly.

This scenario happened in more that one forums. And one forum administrator said that it is because Yahoo is blocking the email at the IP level. So even though the system is sending out the email properly, I never get them.

My question is ...

Is it better to use domain email and not use these free email providers (since they are not as reliable in delivering my emails)? Anybody experience similar problems with free email providers?

06-22-2008, 03:44 PM
Free e-mail providers sucks, don't use them... You may eventually receive some of the confirmation e-mails, but it may take hours or days. Some of them will never reach your inbox... Yes, that's normal - they use too aggresive spam filtering, and they aren't reliable, so some other mail servers may just simple give up on them (and hence they are very often overloaded etc. it often causes situations, when the sending server may think the mail got sent correctly...)