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06-15-2008, 03:47 PM
So I have been manually submitting my sites to various PR0-PR8 websites for the past few days, and realized, why not sell this service? It is 100% legit manual submissions.Believe me when I say...the auto submitters will give you an extremely low approval ratio. But with me I guarantee you a 95% approval.

This will provide you with a lot of backlinks, meaning you will get your website ranked in a quicker fashion. Meaning more unique traffic to your site.!!!

I have 3 packages available for this submission service.

Package A:
50 different manual directory submissions at $4 a site

Package B:
100 different manual directory submissions at $7 a site

Package C:
200 different manual directory submissions at $10 a site

For each of these packages you will be allowed to provide me with 3 different titles as well as 3 different descriptions. This is for mixing up your info on your site. Which will benefit its PR in the feature.

If interested please post SOLD in the comments or send/post a question!
Payments Via paypal to CashJHelwig@gmail.com

After payment is sent please email me the following information to CashJHelwig@gmail.com

Paypal ID:
Paypal Transaction ID:
Website URL:
Your Name:
submission email: (should NOT be your primary email)
Email to receive your report: (can be any email)

Orders done within 48 hours. And you will receive a report on the sites that I submitted your site to.

If you liked the service please be sure to post a review in the thread as well.