View Full Version : Please review this good Website, feedback want

06-28-2008, 03:21 AM
Appearance wise - Title flush right and top looks more like a rendering error than intentional layout. Red text atop that background is effectively illegible, the lack of padding on the content area and sidebar also look more like errors. Color choices do not tie together at all and look like they were cut and paste from conflicting templates.

Code-wise you've got 64 validation errors so it's not even VALID HTML, it's a miserable /FAIL/ for using multiple tables for a layout that even done using tables for layout doesn't need more than ONE. You are using entities to mark up bullets as if it was a list - why isn't that just a LIST? You're knee deep in presentational markup without a single heading to be found despite obvious sections that should have them... and you've got a 7k HTML file for something that shouldn't even break the 3k mark.