View Full Version : Please review my site

06-05-2008, 01:39 PM

It's a Starcraft Community, what do you think about the design/layout/ad integration/ content ? Thx

06-28-2008, 03:43 AM
Well... first off I'm assuming your server is choked because it's loading slower than Terry Schaivo trying to read the complete works of Shakespear aloud. Normally I review appearance first, but I'm jumping right to the code and file sizes because this is ridiculous.

365k in 30 files for THAT?!? Still, not large enough to warrant the speed so I guess it is connection time between your server and here (or a server load issue)

Since I'm already here, let's review the code. Fails validation due to an invalid character, so let's edit that in opera's source view to force it past that (ok, THOSE) error... 682 validation errors. Perhaps one of the most miserable /FAIL/ at writing HTML I've seen since I last looked at the output from FrontPage.

Nested tables for no good reason, single TD's per TR so most of those tables aren't doing anything but bloating out the page even IF you were to use tables for layout, absurdly built relative links calling the whole directory structure of the site into question, absurd amounts of inlined CSS and presentational markup, not one proper heading tag to be found, and on the whole a great deal more of 1998 to this than 2008. 58k of HTML for a measly 16k of content - proof that it could probably use some trimming.

Appearance-wise, the fixed metric fonts in absurdly small size (damn I say that a lot) are useless for 'large font' users and a miserable /FAIL/ for accessability. Your color choices aren't too bad, though in a few places the blue headings are illegible or close to it over thier backgrounds. (the poll question is effectivly illegible on every machine/browser combo here). I DO like the fixed image behind the 'viewport' in the footer, though I think if you are going to do that at the bottom, you should have done it in your header as well.... and I'm seeing a huge gap between the bottom of the content and that viewport in Opera.