Fastclick Review

Quick Glance

Fastclick is not as old as Burst!Media but they started in 1999 and so they've been around a number of years now and are established. Fastclick is not an ad agency, they in general do not provide targeted advertising but they provide a wide variety general audience CPM and CPC banner campaigns. They do categorize sites based on topic and you sometimes will see a somewhat targetted ad, but nothing like what Burst!Media or TribalFusion can provide. Fastclick is also well known for its popunder campaigns, which offer some of the best rates for that ad type that you'll find. Their adcode by default limits popunders to one per person every 12 hours so the annoyance factor for your visitors is lessened.

What really sets Fastclick apart is its ad serving technology. They have a very flexible, very modular, ad serving system and they offer a plethora of member features. Many webmasters use Fastclick as their primary provider because with all the management features it is very easy to manage the ads you send to other, secondary networks. Fastclick also has a low requirement of only 3,000 impressions per month.

The only real downside to Fastclick is they can't bring in really good ad rates. However for general audience advertisements they're one of the best. Their rates have been increasing lately and if you can't get high paying targetted ads elsewhere Fastclick is a good choice for a first tier provider of general audience advertisements.

I highly recommend Fastclick to everyone. Their banners and skyscrapers are not very good, but their popunders are just about the best. You can join them and run only their popunders and you'll do fine. The key is to select almost every popunder they offer and them limit them to one per person per day or one per person every 12 hours. As for banners and skyscrapers -- just use them as your last tier provider unless you cannot get into higher paying ad networks.

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