Casale Media Review

Quick Glance

Casale Media is a relative newcomer in the Internet Advertising world, but they have gained ground quickly and have been implemented by many webmasters. Typically they aren’t a first tier provider, unless you cannot be accepted into one of the other networks, but as a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th tier provider they are excellent.

All told Casale Media is most similar to Fastclick than any other ad network. The quality and type of ads are similar (mostly general audience, rarely anything targeted). Their stat reporting is similar, and like Fastclick they also have frequency caps for popunders starting at 12 hours. They also both are able to break through many popup blockers which will can increase your earnings dramatically when compared to a network who is unable to do so.

Casale isn’t identical to Fastclick though. For one, they don’t list CPC rates. If a campaign is CPC they list the average CPM and then your eCPM (effective CPM) for that campaign. This in my opinion is a good way to do things as it shows you which CPC campaigns actually perform. In the first part of 2005 Casale's rates have been improving while Fastclick's have been declining, as such I now recommend Casale over Fastclick as a first tier provider if you're a member of both.

As far as reporting goes, its good and very similar to Fastclick, of the other networks reviewed here I would give Casale media the #2 position, just barely behind Fastclick, in stat reporting. There are just small counter intuitive aspects to their backend. For instance they use the word “on” to denote ad blocking. The question is, with “on” checked, does that mean blocking is “on” or that the content group is “on” and will be showed? The latter is correct. At first glance it looks like Fastclick’s interface, but it’s can be deceptively complicated until you get used to it.

Casale pays on time with net 30 terms and requires a low 10,000 impressions per month to join. Their 30% commission is pretty much industry leading as well, no other major ad network gives you so large a cut as 70%.

I have to recommend Casale to all publishers, because you can always use another tier in your daisy chain of ad networks, and if you're using Fastclick as your #1 right now you'll likely make more money with Casale instead.

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