Review: Affiliate Program is one of the Internet's most popular poster and art stores, and they have a great affiliate program. Their program is well established and self-serviced (odd in these days with most merchants using programs like CJ, Befree, or Linkshare). They pay reliably and have a variety of tools for implementation.'s affiliate program offers standard links to any product they sell (and they sell a lot of products). The also offer somewhat-dynamic links, though nothing on the level of what Amazon offers. A system like Amazon's "keywords recommends" would benefit greatly but it isn't something they offer. They do offer a way for you to create ads that visually look like those from Amazon but you must add the products manually. They also have an automatic storefront generator that creates static html pages populated with product images and links.

By far the most powerful offering is the product feed. You can download product information from an individual category, or the entire site. The feed includes image information and affiliate links. You can even download category structure information to replicate's category structure on your site. You can use this feed to add product information to your site on a large scale, or to make to a standalone affiliate site like 4 Fine Art.

The best part of's affiliate program is the commission. They pay a whopping 25% to start out with and you can earn as high as 30%. They also offer co-branding if your site provides enough traffic and revenue. Now 25% on a $10 poster might not be that much, but also offers framing, and frames can get expensive. Since there is no commission cap if someone orders a large framed print you could expect a commission in excess of $50. The minimum payment amount is $20 for a check but you can use your commission to make purchases from AllPosters if you prefer. will not be appropriate for all sites, college, movie, or art sites will be the most likely to find success. However due to the high commission rate there is potential for all sorts of sites to make money.

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